Why Trump Hired Manafort and How DNC Insiders Knew He Would Before He Did.

If you’re curious as to how Chalupa would know Manafort would be hired six weeks before Trump hired him, you need to look no further than the Washington Post article of December 10, 2015 By Robert Costa: ” GOP Prepares For Contested Convention”  detailing a meeting held by top members of the GOP, discussing how they would proceed in what appeared to be the increasingly likelihood of a brokered convention. The article quotes Trumps response when asked about a brokered convention: “I”ll be at a disadvantage.” He said  “My disadvantage is that I’d be going up against guys who grew up with each other, who know each other intimately and I don’t know who they are okay? That’s a big disadvantage……”.

Its no stretch to see that this would ensure Trump expanded his tight knit small campaign staff to include someone who was a political insider, if he was going to have any chance of navigating the unfamiliar landscape of delegates and partisan convention politics.

A December 11th, 2015  NEWSMAX article states “He [Trump] has also said he’s preparing his strategy, in the event a brokered convention occurs, reports The Hill.”

But who would it be?

How could anyone, much less Alexandria Chalupa, know that Trump would pick Paul Manafort?

The answer is simple, Manafort was the only choice.  He happened to be a skilled insider who not only knew how to work the delegates, he was described in the Washington Post as a “delegate wrangler” “known for managing  the 1976 contested convention for Gerald Ford”, on 4/6/16, shortly after he joined the campaign.

Manafort was a familiar face in the establishment GOP political world; someone who could maneuver his way through the “good old boy” terrain they would find themselves in; and the only available person who had ever successfully managed a brokered convention.

He was hired by Trump within days of Senator Cruz stealing 10 Trump delegates after Trump won the Primary in Louisiana.

Once again, it appears Hillary Clinton, the intelligence community,  establishment Nevertrumpers, and the Democrats used a leftist media leak to ensue an outcome they needed in order to complete a set up.

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