Yates’s Double Standard

Sally Yates was questioned on video by the Senate Judiciary Committee today.

Through the static and technical malfunctions I listened as she claimed blind ignorance in regards to any wrongdoing as it pertained to the falsifications present in the FISA applications she signed.

She repeatedly pushed the blame onto lower level individuals in the FBI; saying she relied on those beneath her (without ever questioning them) despite this being unprecedented in the history of this country.

Her hypocrisy is astounding as she herself wrote the famed Yates Memo which was designed and written to stop upper level individuals from blaming the lower level employees for criminality.

Yates stated “We’re not going to be accepting a company’s cooperation when they just offer up the vice president in charge of going to jail”.

Well then why should we, the American people, accept the Obama administrations version of their “Vice President of going to jail”?

Yet another example of Rules For Thee but Not For Me that has infected the Obama administration and anyone connected with them.

By: Margaret Robins

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