Why A Reporter’s False Tweet Spurring Riots, After A Philly Man Was Shot & Killed, Exposes A Sinister Alliance.

After two nights of riots and thirty police officers injured – several targeted for vehicular homicide; the much lauded public targeting of LEO, coordinated arson, unabashed looting, and the destruction of: businesses, vehicles, civility, and large swaths of the actual city, one must reflect on the “Why”.

Ellie Rushing, with Philly Inquirer, sent out a misleading tweet claiming the man who was shot was not charging the officers

While Heavy”s Jessica McBride reported “The video shows two police officers with guns drawn in a residential neighborhood when Wallace walks in their direction from between parked cars, and they shoot him.” “walks” is not an accurate description of his actions.

The intentional disinformation supports that some reporters in media are intentionally inflaming racial and violent unrest in this country.

Social Media amplifies that message to its followers including BLM /ANTIFA leaders on the ground.

Previously I would have been skeptical of that connection, however, the past three years have been monumental in revealing the roll the Media has played in directing the political tone and discourse on their chosen narrative.

Add to that the “Biden connected” Soros funded, rabidly anti-Trump “Transition Integrity Project” (TIP) openly pushing implementing a domestic version of the CIA’s Color Revolution (formerly deployed only in foreign countries) and we have a problem.

Things that are needed for successful Color Revolution:

  • people in the press to push your message and demonize opponent
  • fomentation of civil unrest or racial strife
  • coordinated groups of mass protestors easily mobilized & deployed some of whom are willing to get violent and cause mass destruction.
  • massive economic damage to the middle class to intimidate them into submission

Particularly disturbing is how many involved in previous foreign Color Revolutions are the same individuals who’s machinations made the Impeachment possible via writing the articles of impeachment as well as testimony (Kent), which has since been proven false. Many of these are high level current and former State Department and IC officials.

The CIA has gone full scorched earth in working to remove this President, even before he was elected.

In addition (former) General McChrystal, also of TIP, has written about his using AI program against American citizens to influence 2020 Presidential election, in an attempt to help Biden using DARPA. This very effective program uses an algorithm, successfully deployed in Afganastan and Iraq, to influence local populations to vote for the candidate that the United State Military wants installed.

This is achieved by using data points to gauge peoples reactions to how news is dispersed, then amplifying the one that produces the most negative reaction. McChrystal specifically chose to use that AI to target and skew the public’s perception of Trump’s COVID19 response.

All of these programs, usually reserved for our global adversaries, have been deployed to target the sitting US President. This is a weapon of war.

They are using the News, AI warfare, Media, and Riots in an attempt to defeat POTUS. Their VP candidate, Kamala Harris, actually promoted a bail Fund for those arrested while rioting.

The Democrats watch cities burn and the destruction of communities while remaining silent, refusing to condemn the movements, destructive as they are, that they themselves kindled.

WHY? Is it just a tool to defeat Trump or is there more?

What do the Democrats call for? De-funding the Police – Which would exacerbate the problem exponentially.

They have aligned themselves with criminals, arsonist, thieves and murderers, stating they are “Peaceful Protests” and the Media report it as such.

The results are that Democrats have an army that appears unaffiliated with them, whom they can signal using their proxy, the Media/Social Media, to destroy cities and bring financial devastation to the middle class and small business owners.

Why would the Democrats wish to hurt middle class and small business owners? The answer is at the least two fold.

  • Knowing there will likely be a Trump victory this is a cudgel to intimidate the middle class to get behind their planned “Color Revolution” and to abandon POTUS.
  • The middle class is all that stops the complete class system of Socialism from taking hold, thereby proliferating Oligarchs, elites, Judges, and many in government positions with the unrestrained power of communism/socialism. This is their plan.

If Trump had not reversed the housing bill which sought to bring low income housing to the suburbs then what you are seeing in the cities would soon be happening in the suburbs.

Changing the zoning laws so there would be no “Single Family Home Zones” allowed. Such action would relocate those who are burning and destroying America’s democrat cities today directly to “The Burbs”.

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