A List of Credible Evidence and Allegations of the Fraud Exposed in the 2020 Presidential Election.

*Note: This document is not completed. I wanted to publish it but claims are coming in faster than I can add them. After completing my original piece (not there yet). I will be updating this daily or as needed to add or remove claims as the situation evolves. I will notate changes, date changed, and reason for changes below the article.

The list is long so I had to be selective when choosing what to put in this article. First the allegations had to be credible and of a large enough basis that it could reverse the Media’s call for Biden as President Elect.

First an overview.

Fraud Training 101

There is a audio recording of Detroit Election official training the counting staff/poll workers in how to conduct voter fraud. This audio was obtained by a brave reporter, Shane Trejo, who is now being targeted by Attorney General of Michigan demanding he remove the video. The video/ audio does not expose voter fraud but it does expose the premeditation of some of allegations listed below. https://rumble.com/vaxwob-detroit-leaks-video-was-taken-down-from-screwtube.html This video was removed from YouTube even though it’s authenticity has not been refuted.

The Whisleblowers

The numerous Whistleblowers complaints listed below (I am only using those who will swear an affidavit what they are saying is true), can be assessed after hearing how they train their workers to break election laws.

Affidavits from Detroit detail massive fraud (see here)

The Computer Glitches

Next we have the Software “Gitches” and errors that moved votes from Trump to Biden, specifically in Swing States.


Smartomatic created Dominion’s (a Canadian company) software which was used throughout the US in the 2020 elections.

  • Smartomatic Officers were slated to testify in front of the Philippine Joint Oversight Congressional Committee in early 2016 to address allowing one of its men to make illegal changes to the Automated Elections System while votes were being counted, However, the hearing was canceled after it’s officers pulled out at the last minute.

Backstory: Here is a short piece I wrote explaining Mr. Brown’s role in shutting down anti-fraud technology in late 2014 by partnering with Smartomatic, a troubled Venezuelan voting company that created the election technology for Dominion, thereby providing it for 40% of US counties.

Dominion itself is connected to the Clinton Foundation through the Delian Project (see Clinton Foundation Global Initiative website).

A deep dive (here) exposes Dominion’s connections to both sides of the DC Swamp. Perhaps this is how they managed to get Venezuela’s Smartomatic software into the US election system despite it’s origin and spotty history.

Several people have attributed these so called “Glitches” to a software update on Monday night hours before the election but Dominion has denied these allegations or that the changing of votes derived from their software.

  • It is significant to note that of all the errors found not one has resulted in a vote being removed from Biden to benefit Trump. This appears to be a one way phenomenon.

Many states use the Dominion Software, including the swing states of Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and more than twenty other states. Georgia, however, is the only state that used them to completely revamp their entire statewide voting system.

Additionally, Pennsylvania encountered problems in 2019 with the rollout of new voting system. One county noted felt tip/sharpie markers were causing ballots to fail to be read and subsequently having to be counted by hand. They recommended ballpoint pens be used to avoid the bleed-through that was invalidating ballots. Regardless of this Dominion still recommend sharpies be used.

Rule of Law Constitutional Legal Challenges

Strongest as per Constitution

The legal pitch to be made here is seeped in both our constitution and Pennsylvania Laws. There is no wiggle room, which is why the actions of PA election officials are so frustrating. Although aware of the likelyhood SCOTUS reversal, they wanted to create a narrative.

The Transition Integrity Project (TIP), a collection of rich powerful people who’s only agenda is to get Donald Trump out of office. They war-gamed it out (see TIP’s 2020 election gaming). NOTE: The Media was involved in gaming this out with TIP.

The goal is to make a large swath of Americans feel their election was stolen so they could kick off the Soros/CIA Color Revolution they have been pushing (said to be called The Purple Revolution”).

Regardless, here are the facts.

  • Constitution says each state’s elected State Representatives make and pass election laws. No one else. Not the courts. Not the Governor.
  • The election laws must not be altered less than 90 days before an election.
  • They were asked to change this prior to 2020 Presidential Election and the PA State Representatives declined to change the law.
  • Individuals then brought it to court so a Judge would rule, letting them at least collect and count the ballots. The court ruled in their favor. It was appealed up to SCOTUS who declined getting involved at that time.
  • After some of the precincts collected ballots late (up to three days) the Trump campaign sought relief in court where Justice Alito stated that the contested ballots must be kept separate in case of litigation.

Additional Legal Challenges

  • A Pennsylvania Judge ruled that the Secretary of State did not have the right to change election Law, only the Legislature can change election laws. (*added on11/13)
  • In Pennsylvania a top county election official came forward to Project Veritas – There were thousands of “spoiled” ballots that were thrown in dumpster when the law states they must be kept for 22 months.
  • Republican poll watchers were kept from observing the counting of the ballots in districts that had suspicious chunks of Biden votes appear.
  • Detroit MI had 167K ballots show up at 3-4am after GOP poll watchers were told to go home. These ballots resulted in statistical anomalies that are used in legal cases to show fraud are addressed in section below. That the vote counting was shut down for the night and would resume in the morning.
  • Additionally, United States Postal Service (USPS) Workers who have come forward with sworn affidavits attesting to being told to collect ballots late so they could falsely backdate the postmarks, one in MI (read more here) and another in PA (here). There was a second Whistleblower in Pennsylvania USPS who has since recanted his charge.


Nevada has a litany of issues to address; and these are just the highlights.

  • 3,000 early voting/absentee ballots (EV/AB) votes were counted even though a change of address (COA) were filed with the state. The rate of individuals filing a COA’s is one out of every three who move. Therefore this reflects to 9,000 illegal ballots cast.
  • A whistleblower has come forward after seeing a Biden Harris van opening and filling out ballots outside the polling location, then resealing the envelope recounts Matt Schlap.
  • There were 600,000 mail in ballots in Nevada, which voters were assured was safe as signature verification would be used to protect from fraud.
    • 200,000 of those ballots never had human eyes on them. They went through a computer that was supposed to identify matching signatures. The problem is they reduced the verification % down to a 40% match (which is not match at all).
    • The GOP has requested but have not been allowed to examine this machine as of the time of this article.
    • These 200K votes have not had any of the signature verification voters were assured would be in place to protect the integrity of their vote.
    • Additionally, the GOP watchers in Nevada were not allowed to observe the other 400,000 votes that were being “verified” and counted.
    • Numerous Whistleblowers have come forward attesting they were told to ignore signature discrepancies.

NOTE: The below section has not yet been completed. Should have update this evening or tonight.

Data Scientists

There is a mathematical law which exposes statistical anomalies when dealing with large groups of data set numbers. Benford’s Law is used in court as evidence of fraud. The mathematical anomalies happen to coincide with the timing of the ballot dumps between 2-5am.

Caught Rolling Back Trumps Numbers

Numerous live videos show Trump’s vote numbers rolling backwards while Biden’s vote numbers gained. The explanation of this has been that the votes were wrongly assigned to Trump via human error.

However, even though only 56 votes were added to Biden’s column the percentage changed in Bidens favor a whopping 0.6%. according to the individual analyzing the data which was posted online in its entirety.

Hammer and Scorecard

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