Affidavits From Detroit Detail Massive Fraud

Melissa Carone,a Dominion IT worker, has signed an affidavit under oath regarding her witness to substantial voter fraud in Detroit MI. She worked 24hr shifts starting 6am on Nov 3rd- 4th.

Ms. Carone observed several instances of concern which she addressed in a video (here)

  • She observed a poll worker entering ballots into the tabulator machine, which counts ballots in groups of 50
    • the numbers on the tabulator showed that the individual had scanned that batch of ballots between 8-10 times each.
  • She told the worker to stop and went to her Superior.
  • Her superior, whom she said was in charge of the whole operation, was Nick Ikonomakis,
    • Nick is Co-owner of Dominion and a patent holder, when notified of what was occurring he said they were just there to give IT support.
  • Erred or rejected ballots are to be set aside for an adjudication process. In this process one GOP representative and one DEM representative view the ballot until they come to a mutual agreement on what ballot vote intent was before filling the ballot out.
    • Instead they got blank ballots, filled them out, and signed them (forging).
    • This was done to thousands of ballots.
    • Not one time during the entire process did she see one vote for Trump.
  • She observed a van, supposedly there due to city’s lack of sufficient food for the poll workers. pull up very late at night, open its back doors and offload its contents via the back door of the Polling center. Shortly after this happened it was announced they had found a large number of ballots that had yet to be counted. Nearly, if not all of those votes went to Biden.
  • She was asked if she would be interested in employment in the near future because Dominion was going to be doing a software update soon. this concerned her as she had just heard a supposed “update” was the cause of a “Glitch” in a different Michigan county. She believes they were going in to cover up switching the votes.

This is one Whistleblower. One.

We cannot allow corrupt politicians to steal We The People’s chosen President and replace him with China’s stooge. Under any circumstances. I pray for a peacefull resoloution to this current

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