Trump Was Our Peaceful Revolution

A thought for those who believe Trump supporters will accept the Media’s anointing of Joe Biden and turn a blind eye to the blatant, in one case videotaped, evidence fraud that stole the 2020 election from Trump: Donald John Trump was our “Peaceful Revolution”.

A revolution against the DC insiders who’ve both cultivated a two tier justice system to protect themselves,  persecute their enemies while enriching their friends and families. 

They do this by leveraging their positions of power to send our tax money, disguised as as ‘aid’, to foreign countries and then getting kick backs, i.e. Biden family’s China, Iraq and Ukrainian business dealings. They sell America’s middle class jobs to our economic rivals and the ‘main stream media’, infiltrated with plants, direct the message they want to cultivate. They do this to crush the middle class and to enact their stated globalist agenda. 

Every President in my lifetime has started a war– some were warranted, most were not. We’ve fought over foreign oil, stating national security as a reason after regulations strangled US oil supply; essentially sending our soldiers to die – to ensure our oil supply – after crippling the US oil supply. The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is at work in this. The money and power that flows through that conglomeration is astronomical. They are above the law and war keeps them flush.

We thought it was hopeless. We wanted someone who owed no allegiance to globalist donors, special interest, the MIC, or even the establishment in general.

The Left and media are so effective at BULLYING Republicans — and anyone who disagrees with their agenda — that historically republicans reflexively roll over like beaten puppies at the first sign of being targeted.

We needed a unicorn, someone who would fight for us, the American people.

With Trump we FINALLY found a fighter. A man use to dealing with Mafia bosses and NY builders. One has to be tough to flourish in that sphere. It seemed we’d finally found a leader who wouldn’t fold under pressure; an important attribute considering the demonization of anyone who dares to run for President as a Republican. The media shows their allegiance consistently in that aspect and now big tech has joined them. The list of powerful forces aligned against us includes Google, FaceBook, Twitter, MSM, the top three cable news stations, Newspapers, Democrats, FBI, CIA, DOJ, DOS, Neocons, MIC, Big Pharma, Wall Street, Big Banking, and the worlds top “one percenters” and many more.

When our candidate decided to run most laughed at him and ridiculed us.

But he won the nomination and against ALL odds he won the Presidency. 

He did this despite the media lies and unprecedented hatred directed at both him and us – his supporters. Our President, if he kept his word – unlike all of our previous Presidents – would finally be able to enact the changes we had been fighting so hard for. The changes 63 million felt this country so desperately needed.

However, instead of being able to transition into office and start his administration like every other president before him he was framed by the worlds most powerful Law Enforcement apparatus. Previously, a beacon of equality and hope that shone around the world. These agencies are responsible for investigating and prosecuting:

  • drug cartels
  • gun runners
  • child sex traffickers
  • targeting, infiltrating, and stopping terrorists to keep us safe
  • meting out justice to the most powerful people in the world

These agencies were weaponized to attack it’s new duly elected leader and any who worked for him. They also used those agencies to attack his son and as his supporters. The frame job, better known as the ‘Steele Dossier’, was passed to a complicit Media (who knew was false), that works with these previously reputable agencies to broadcast and amplify their chosen message.

Their goal is to create a narrative that ‘drives the news cycle’ and saturate the airwaves leaving little to no room for the truth. This is the same media that has chosen Biden as the next President despite the plethora of evidence of unprecedented cheating and fraud. The MSM is still busy doing their job of amplifying the message they are given.

The Anti-Trump coalition listed above used the MSM to spread lies and propaganda to undermine him, while prosecuting him, and to make sure anyone they could reach would despise him as a traitor. Amongst other things this was done to STOP him from enacting the POLICIES we elected him for. 

Trump, anyone in his administration, and his VOTERS underwent 4 yrs of an ongoing coup. He survived it and the subsequent impeachment and then when he ran for re-election he got ELEVEN MILLION MORE VOTES than he did in 2016.

But it didn’t matter, he could’ve gotten 50 million more votes and they would’ve just stuffed more ballots. It was a foregone conclusion, the “alphabet agencies” (CIA, FBI, NSA) had already decided to use the Corona virus to enact their specialty, a color revolution (Deep Dive here).  One of the main steps to accomplishing that goal is to create doubt over the legitimacy of an election.

The Biden lawyers – led by Mark Elias – have been busy doing just that by filing law suits to relax election laws and regulations since Oct 2019 (before COVID19 was a factor). Elias, a former partner at Perkins Coie, was also Hillary Clinton’s lawyer in 2016 when she commissioned the Steele dossier. Elias resigned from his practice and dedicated his attention full time to assuring Trump was not reelected after it was exposed his firm, Perkins Coie, paid Fusion GPS to frame Trump with the Dossier.

We will not allow those same DC insiders we rejected to usurp our elected leader thereby ending our “peaceful revolution” by such open fraudulent means.  I would advise those who haven’t been paying attention to the hearings and the blatant fraud (see one example here) that has been exposed to start paying attention.

This fraud MUST be exposed, subtracted from the votes & resolved in order for this republic to stand. We cannot allow our votes to be stolen while we remain silent.

It will be the end of this country if we do.

We stand on a precipice.

We, the people, must demand free & fair elections NOW.

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