A Cause Worth Fighting and, if Needed, Dying For: America’s Rejection of The Theft of Our Election.

The future of our republic is at stake in the next few weeks. The gravitas, heavy and stifling. Allowing the open, blatant theft of the Presidential election cannot be an option for America because if it is allowed to stand, that will – unequivocally – be the end of America.

There would be no way to “suddenly” vote in a government we chose in the following elections in two or four years. We would forever be stuck with whoever those controlling the voting systems wanted to be in charge.

Leaders who would make policy, laws, and war to financially benefit themselves, their friends, and those who control the voting results as well as to punish and hurt their political rivals and enemies.

How would we stop them? How would we stop them from sending our kids to war for their personal gain?

The war hungry leaders who’ve chomping at the bit to get an ally back into power would be using weapons we, the American people, pay for – with our taxes – to destroy foreign lands and to kill. We have a moral obligation to stand up against this. To stop this before it goes beyond our capabilities to fix it.

If we allow the theft of the Presidency, have no doubt the Senate in Ga will be next. After which the House, Senate, and the Presidency will all be in the hands of those who have stated that they will immediately:

  • Grant citizenship to tens of millions of illegal aliens regardless of criminal records
  • Open our boarders
  • Abolish the filibuster
  • Grant statehood to DC and Puerto Rico (Giving them 4 new Senate seats)
  • Stack the Supreme Court

As you can see that would be the end of this republic.

We are taxed to pay their salaries, benefits, travel and their healthcare yet we don’t get to chose our leaders?

That only stands — my fellow Americans — if we allow it to stand.

If they were able to legitimately vote those things in, without cheating, then they would have a leg to stand on. But. They. Could. Not.

Their answer to America’s overwhelming rejection of their Socialistic platform is to ignore the American peoples vote and to STEAL it.

Well, we say no.

This is A Cause Worth Fighting and, if Necessary, Dying For.

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