The History of Intelligence Community, The Media and The Presidency – Do Voters Still Have A Choice?

Note: I wrote this in Dec of  2019.  Events since then have solidified the need to address this question and to safeguard our established election process, known worldwide as the gold standard, against becoming first step in the stunningly obvious rollout of a  “color revolution” here in America. The US Intelligence Community,  in conjunction with the State Department, have been extraordinarily successful at overturning elections they did not approve of throughout the world. When the people elect a leader to represent them – instead of those the global elitists want in power – this is the tactic they deploy.  They have in seen success in the “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine as well as what is underway in right now in Belarus.  Those same people are not even trying to hide their plan to use a “Color Revolution” against Donald Trump to destroy our republic if, as the polls are showing, the American People choose Trump for President in 2020.

With the evolution of TV, corporate news, and social media comes an interesting question. Do “We The People” have a choice in who  stands at the helm of this country?

“We The People’ voted in Donald J. Trump.  He was our choice.

Yet, the Democrats, Washington Elite, the bureaucrats, and the IC have decided to over-rule our choice of Commander-in-Chief. They are able to do this by using the Media, as well as Social Media, as both a bullhorn and a muzzle, choosing to amplify the voices of those aligned with them while muting those who are not.

We chose someone who was financially beholden to no one.

A man completely removed from the corruption of politics and even further removed from the stagnation of the D.C establishment, its bureaucracy and the Intelligence Community.

We chose not to choose a puppet.

Since the 1970’s, excluding the current POTUS, there has been only one Republican President that has not had the former head of the CIA as either Vice-President, President, or father of the President.  That man was Richard Nixon, whom it was known, had a cantankerous relationship with the CIA.

By the accounts of those who were there, many believed the CIA was responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy; just as many  considered ‘in the know”, at the time, believe the CIA removed Nixon office.

The Media and the Democrats push one agenda, Socialism.

Did the CIA take a stand against the powerful Media and their oligarchs for George W. Bush, it’s former leader, and his son?

It certainly begs the question considering  Eric Ciaramella – the alleged whistleblower, who ran to Schiff the day after the Mueller Report bombed with allegations of a call that were proven false – happens to work for the CIA.

Interestingly enough the number two at the FBI was the “whistleblower”, aka Deep Throat, who was key in removing Nixon from office.

The CIA was deeply involved in the Watergate burglary, at the same time it is alleged Nixon was at odds with them over his plan to withdraw from Vietnam (sound familiar?).

There were two CIA agents involved in the Watergate break-in:

  • The burglar, an expert in this field who made amateurish (purposeful?) errors that belied his experience.
  • And the man who bribed Nixon, thereby creating the “crime” that would eventually  take him down.

In their memoirs, two of Nixon’s top aids,  recalled statements at that meeting that pointed to Nixon trying to stop the FBI from exposing a covert CIA operation they referred to as “The Bay of Pigs thing”  The snippet of Nixon’s recording that was used to condemn him, if listened to in context, could easily point to that other conclusion.

*MO: Take a snippet of a conversation out of context and attempting to weaponize it to mean something that could be used as a legal cudgel. i.e.  When they push the “Do me a favor lie”. They nefariously replace what Trump said, which was “us” to “me” in an attempt to con the American people and to criminalize that piece of his conversation.

I have no particular affinity for Nixon but the parallels are jaw-dropping.

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